Investing X

Affiliate Program


Our affiliate program is designed for you if you are interested in promoting our services to your friends, followers, fans, peers, colleagues, family, and just about anyone that you can reach out to. If you have any presence on social media, you can make a great income out of our affiliate program, which rewards you whenever you refer someone successfully to our website. The more people you are able to convince to visit our website the more money you will make through our affiliate program.

The Basics of Our Affiliate Program

This program has been designed for individuals who have some presence on the internet. If you think you can make your followers and fans listen to you, then this program can definitely benefit you a lot. All you have to do is make your followers and fans click on a link that leads them to our website. Once they click on the link, you get a reward in the form of credits or points that you can cash out whenever you want.

The Method of Remuneration

Once you sign up with Investing X, you can work with us to figure out the best way to compensate you for your efforts. If you want, we can pay you for every time someone clicks on the link and lands on our website. The other option is you getting rewarded when someone signs up with us with a paid trading account. With the former option, you make money faster, but the rewards are smaller. On the other hand, if you go with the latter option, you will make money less frequently but every time you do, you will make a great sum.

You can always call us to know which plan will work the best for you. We can create one that is a mixture of both mentioned above or something completely different.

The Marketing Materials

To promote our services, you will need a lot of marketing material. You will need our log, banner ads, images, links, discount codes, etc. to promote in your videos, or on your website or blog. Luckily, we have already arranged for all the materials for you once you agree to sign up with our affiliate program. We will provide you with all the marketing materials you need to get the attention of more and more people. All of these materials are given to you for free.

You can use these banner ads in all the places you think your customers, followers, and fans will notice. The more materials you use, the more you can spread the word about us, and the higher the chances of you making money out of this exercise.


When you sign up with our affiliate program and promote our services, you take responsibility for all your actions. We recommend you give only valid and accurate details to people about our services. Any false claims or promises that you make with your audience, we will not be liable for any financial or any other type of damages that result from those actions.