Investing X


Investing X is always working on its trading system to improve it and make it trader-friendly. In doing so, we often need the help of other third parties that can supplement our trading services with their technological prowess and software tools. These are the affiliates that help us provide you with the best trading services in terms of trading features and market analysis tools. When you sign up with us, please be sure to know that we do and will use a lot of services from our affiliates.

How Our Affiliates Help

Our affiliates help us by providing us with software tools or other services that are meant to help you as traders. While using our trading services, you might land on a currency converter or price calculator that has not been created by us. It is a tool from one of our affiliates and we have it ingrained into our services for your benefits. You can use these tools to help you with your trades, to calculate your profits and losses, and to perform various other functions, which are a necessary part of online trading.

The use of these tools means that you will be taking advantage of the services provided by those affiliates, and not directly by us. Such tools may collect information from you to improve their tool for you in the future.

Information Sharing with Affiliates

While using our services, when you land on one of the tools or service components that have been contributed by one of our affiliates, you are not directly providing your details to us. You have to keep in mind that these tools might collect your data for the tool to perform as intended. Any information that is collected by those tools is given out on your permission. The loss of data from those companies will not be considered a responsibility or liability of Investing X.

If you are confused about the collection of any part of your data by those tools or service components, you are asked to contact our affiliate and confirm the details.

Professional Advice from Affiliates

If you have landed on any platform where one of our affiliates is providing you with information about trading or anything that’s technical in nature, their advice is not to be considered professional in any nature. Any losses or damages that might result from the advice you have received from them must not be a point to hold Investing X liable.

The information that our affiliates give you is meant to be between you and them. At the same time, the information you find on our website is only for educational purposes. None of the pieces of information that we share with you or our affiliates share with you is to be considered financial advice. You are still liable and responsible for all the actions you take after receiving the information from us and our affiliates.

You can always call us to get more information about our affiliates. You can also click here to know about our affiliate program.