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Asset Index

One of the things that make us proud as your online trading services provider is that we give you hundreds of assets to trade. When you sign up with Investing X, you have access to 5 major asset classes in major financial markets. Within these classes, you can trade a variety of assets to your liking. In other words, you have the perfect chance to diversify your portfolio as is always recommended by the best trading experts.

However, you have to keep in mind that on our trading platform, you will be trading all of these assets in the form of CFDs. Here are some assets that you can trade with us.


These are the shares of the biggest companies in the world. Any company that goes public and is then registered on the stock exchange is willing to let you buy its shares. When you buy the shares, you are holding ownership in that company. The worth of the shares that you have is the worth of that company that you own. In other words, you are a shareholder in that company and you can do whatever you like with these shares. You can sell them in the market or keep them with you for as long as you wish.

You can buy them in the hopes of seeing the prices rise in the future, so you can sell them for profit. Or, you can also sell yours, predicting that the prices will go down in the future. When the prices go down, you will buy those shares back for much lesser money than you sold them for. Some of the stocks in this category include Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Apple, Samsung, IBM, Dell, HP, etc. You can know more about the stocks you can trade with us by visiting the STOCKS page.


Indices are collections of stocks that we just discussed above. They are not any other asset. In fact, you can say that they are unlike other physical assets. What happens is that many stocks from similar companies are lumped into one. This particular unit that is created by joining the stocks of many companies is called an index or indices. When you trade indices, you are trading the stocks of many companies at the same time. Since you are trading many stocks at the same time, you can assume that these assets are more stable than a la carte stocks.

Indices have proven to be a great way of keeping an eye on an entire industry rather than just one company. If you are interested in the electronics chip makers, you can go for indices that have electronic chip makers within the index. If you are interested in companies that make phones, you can go for indices that have only the phone makers. You can know more about this category of assets on our INDICES page.


There should be no doubt in your mind that commodities make up the most interesting part of any asset index. When you talk about commodities, you are not referring to a particular type of asset. In fact, commodities include a variety of asset types that come from various categories. For example, if you are interested in trading gold or platinum, you will have to look for them in this category. In the same manner, if you are interested in trading energies, such as natural gas and crude oil, you will have to look for them in this category.

That’s what makes this category so special i.e. you have so many different types of assets available for trading. Other assets that belong to this category include coffee beans, cocoa beans, wheat, orange juice, etc. To get more information about commodities, please visit our COMMODITIES page.

Forex Currency Pairs

This remains one of the most important and popular category of traders all around the world. People love money and forex is all about that. When you enter this market, you are trading one currency for another currency. There is a quote currency and there is a base currency. Each currency has a value that you can trade it for against another currency. The political conditions and other factors continue to affect the values of these currencies. You have to predict these conditions and get rid of the right currency and get your hands on the right currency at the right time.

In this category, you have a variety of currency pair types. The major currency pairs include currencies such as USD, GBP, AUD, CAD, EUR, etc. you then have some minor currency pairs belonging to other big nations, such as Russia, China, India, etc. The exotic currency pairs are the most volatile. Know more about these currency pairs on our FOREX page.


This is the newest form of assets and people are going crazy about cryptocurrencies. The entire world wants to know what crypto coins are all about and they are interested in being a part of them. Some people want to invest in new ones and sell them as soon as the prices rise while others are holding on to their digital coins for several months and years in the hopes that their holdings will turn them into millionaires. When you trade digital currencies, you trade them either against each other or against other fiat currencies.

You will be glad when you join our trading platform because we provide you with a great number of crypto assets for trading. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the biggest assets in the cryptocurrency market, and we have made them available to you on our platform. However, we go further to offer you other digital currencies that are new and emerging. Some other digital currencies that you can trade with us include Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, etc. Know more about the digital currencies we offer for trading on our CRYPTOCURRENCIES page.

Forget about limits and boundaries. Push the trader inside you to its extreme with our vast asset index of hundreds of assets from all major financial markets.