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Basics of Trading

Things can be challenging for most traders when they are just starting out. You are not sure about your decision and you have to deal with the pressure of trading in the right direction and make money without ending up with losses. How can you do that? Let us give you a few tips to start your trading journey.

Keep Realistic Expectations

The biggest mistake you can make when you start trading is keeping your hopes too high. Trading is risky, and you can lose all your money. When you set your expectations realistically, you don’t react too much to losses, which are an integral part of trading. Don’t ever trust anyone who tells you that you can become a millionaire trading without putting in a lot of effort. Trading requires just as much effort as anything else in the world for making money.

Learn before You Try

Before you start trading, make sure you learn how to do it. You can’t put your money on the line based on some basic information. Yes, supply and demand are at the center of everything, but when you are inside the real financial markets, things can get overwhelming and very complicated. You need to learn trading properly before you start doing it.

Always Use the Trading Tools

You are not supposed to use the trading tools in the beginning of your career and then completely forget about them. Trading tools are your friends for life as a trader. When you start trading, you use them like newcomers. However, with time, you will find yourself becoming an expert at using them. In other words, you will benefit from them more when you keep using them.

Understand Leverages, Spreads, and Commissions

These are some important concepts to keep in mind. The broker will not buy an asset for the same price it will sell it to you for. The difference in these prices is what is called a spread, which is what helps a broker make money. Leverages are contributions from the broker to help you enter big trades, but they can amplify your profits and losses both. Commissions are usually charged for extra services but at Investing X, we don’t charge any unnecessary commissions to our traders.

Invest Only a Small Portion of Your Savings

You want to go into your trading career with a small amount of money. In fact, look at your savings and decide how much of its percentage you are willing to invest in trading. It should not be more than 20% of what you have in your account. Putting your entire life’s savings on the line is a not a wise decision and expert traders will never recommend you to do so.

Keep Your Emotions Out

If there is one mistake that can end your career as a trader faster than you think, it’s trading with emotions. When you trade with emotions, you push calculations, analyses, and practicality aside. You just trade because you are either too happy or too angry. Never let emotions ruin trading for you.

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