Investing X


There are certain commissions in place that we take from our traders. However, we want to be clear about them rather than surprising you with them at the eleventh hour. As a trader, you have to keep in mind that our job is to provide you with the best and most reliable trading services. To do that and to go the extra mile, we have to put in some extra efforts. The commissions taken from you are either a reflection of that effort that we have made to bring you the best or a service charge that cannot be avoided in certain scenarios.

Commissions on Trades

To keep things simple, we have spreads clearly stated on our platform that act like commissions if you want to call them that. Spreads show you the small price difference there is when you buy or sell an asset on our platform. When you buy an asset from us, you will pay a different price than when you sell the same asset to us on our platform. This small price difference is the spread. Since we have spreads in place, we don’t charge you any commissions on your trades. In fact, you should stay away from companies that charge you commissions in addition to the spreads.

Commissions on Deposits and Withdrawals

We don’t charge you any commission when you deposit funds into your account or withdraw funds from your account for the first time in a month. In other words, one withdrawal/deposit is available to you for free. However, if you want to withdraw funds or deposit funds multiple times in your account, then you will have to pay a small commission. However, this commission is very small and you must not mix it with the service charges that are charged on your transactions by your bank, not us. In most cases, you don’t need more than one deposit or withdrawal when you become a trader.

Keeping Commissions to a Minimum

We understand the challenges that you face as a trader and that’s why we like to make trading easy for you. In fact, making online trading easy for traders is our motto. To do that, we keep our commissions to a minimum. We fully understand that when you have to pay commissions, you are actually paying us from the profits you have made on your trades. If you will end up spending your profits like that, you will not make any profits technically.

However, certain commissions are put in place only to prevent spamming from occurring. For example, small deposit and withdrawal requests can spam the system and slow it down. For this reason, we encourage that you make only one withdrawal and deposit in a month to avoid any commissions on your banking processes.

There are no hidden commissions for you to pay when you sign up with Investing X. If you have doubts about any service charges or commissions, we encourage you to call us at our customer support number and we will be more than happy to provide you with answers to your questions.