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As a trader, you have a variety of asset types that you can trade on our trading platform and diversify your portfolio the way you like. One of the great things about online trading, especially CFD trading, is that you can invest your funds in a variety of assets that don’t belong to the same category. Among the many categories that you can trade online is commodities. The commodity category remains among the most interesting ones since it offers a variety of asset types.

With other asset classes, you have assets of the same nature within that category. If you trade forex, you can only trade currency pairs. Let’s know more about commodities and why you should consider trading these assets.

Understanding Commodities Trading

The name of the category already tells you what type of assets you will be trading in it. These are commodities that are tangible products that are used by humans all over the world. In a way, you can say that these assets are perishable. They have a close relation to the nature or our planet. These are not man-made products per se. Another thing that makes this category really interesting is that there are assets of varying natures in it. You can trade agricultural produce, such as apples, orange juice, coffee beans, wheat, etc. while trading in this category.

The same category also offers you precious metals for trading, such as gold, platinum, silver, and copper. You will be surprised even more to know that you can trade energies in this category too. So, if you are interested in trading natural gas or crude oil, you don’t have to look further. With Investing X, you have all of these assets available in this category. We don’t limit you to a small number of assets. In fact, when you trade commodities with us, you have tens of different assets available to you.

Why Commodities Trading

You want pick this category because it offers you a variety of assets. If you look at indices, you only have 10 to 20 different entries. The same is the case with some other markets. However, you can have up to 40 or even 50 different assets available for trading when you are in this category. Commodities are great because you can trade a variety of assets. If you love the energy market, you can trade gas or crude oil. If you wish to trade agricultural produce, you can trade flour, wheat, coffee beans, and many other assets in this category.

Last but not least, you can trade precious metals too. You will also find it interesting that the leverages are usually quite big on these assets. When you sign up with us, you can get up to 1:100 leverage on your commodity trades. The spreads are not too bad either. With this category, you get a good chance of diversifying your portfolio with different assets without exploring many different financial markets. Sign up with us today to trade the best commodities on a reliable trading platform.