Investing X


Investing X fully understands that it stands as a representative of its values. We materialize our values in what we do. How we deal with our customers, employees, and new potential that wants to work with us is a reflection of our vision. When we give you our word about something, we stick to and stand by it with will and might.

The founders of the company are people with integrity, who have always promote, supported, and endorsed the values of transparency, facilitation, sympathy, empathy, and growth. As a company, we are always striving to introduce these values in everything we do. Whether you are a customer using our trading platform or an employee who dedicates their effort and energy for us every day, we are devoted to offering you a place that stands by its values.

Our Unique Proposition

As one of the companies among hundreds of other online trading services providers, we stand apart because of our simple yet growth-oriented trading services. We are not about giving you a platform only for trading. We devote our efforts in making our platform a tool for you to grow as a trader. We are with you at every step of the way as you go from a beginner trader to a well-recognized personality in the world of trading.

Investing X provides you with flexibility of trading features and a trading system that is always progressing. When you become a part of us, you will notice constant growth in you. We achieve these goals while adhering to the best practices of trading and the standards of the industry.

Work Culture

Our work culture is all about making our employees feel at home when they enter our premises. We don’t call our employees workers because we believe they are like our family. They might not have a blood relation with us, but they are definitely bonded with us through a common vision. In fact, our hiring revolves around the search for common vision. Among other things, we always look for candidates who can match our vision of growth, simplicity, and progress. If you are someone who cares about customer values, there is no reason why you should not be a part of us.

In addition to holding on to values, we also believe in appreciation and support. We are fully aware of the power of appreciation and how it can compel our teams to work at their full potentials. That’s the reason we are always holding various events and rewarding our team players in many ways to keep them appreciated and motivated. Working in isolation and silos is not something we support at Investing X. That’s something you should be considering if you are thinking about becoming a part of our culture.

Customer Values

We care about our customers just as much as we care about our employees. Despite having a unique proposition in the market and various resources that allow us to facilitate trading on our trading platform, we believe it’s the customer’s trust that keeps us going. Our highly advanced trading software or in-depth training materials are not our strength. We believe our strength is you, the trader who put their trust in our services and join us.

The technology we use is meant to make trading easy for you. We give you videos to learn the most difficult trading concepts. Our trading platform has the latest charts and graphs so you can know about the market at a glance. Furthermore, you can use our trading platform on any device and operating system you like. The certain automated features on our trading platform show you how you will be trading in the future.

When you join Investing X, you also get a demo account. This account is a perfect simulation of how you will be trading on the platform and what trading looks like in real time.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are dedicated to our social responsibility by devoting our passion, efforts, and funds to the best causes. The causes that we usually promote, support, and fund include the education of children around the world. In addition to that, we are actively participating in causes that involve the removal of hunger from the most under-developed and backward regions of the world. A part of what we make every month is given into charities to support these causes.

Environmental Responsibility

We understand how important the care of environment is in these days. The climate change monster is upon us and we have to be proactive with our measures before it’s too late. In fact, some scientists believe that we are already too late. We have to make every possible effort to ensure that we reduce the use of plastic and any other harmful materials that damage our environment and the planet as a whole. We have to keep our environment, rivers, seas, and parks clean.

At Investing X, we are doing the best we can to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. We are a support of this cause and an active partner of the activities that make our planet a better place to live.

Our Promise

We have a promise toward every individual and entity that we interact with daily, monthly, or even once in our lives. To our customers, we like to say that we are here to provide you with a platform where you can trade to make profits but with a great sense of security. At the same time, we want you to believe that you can grow as a trader with us and really make a financial difference in your life if you do things right.

To our employees, we promise to provide them with a work environment where they can feel free to express their thoughts and emotions. We give them a work culture where growth is seen as an achievement rather than a source of envy. We also promise our partners to collaborate with them for mutual benefits, which are eventually for the benefit of our traders, customers, and employees.