Investing X


Compliance remains an important part of any online trading platform. This is the first signal for any trader in the world that they are going for the right platform. When you sign up with us, we assure you of our compliance with all the industry standards as well as policies that govern the online financial industry. We are here to serve you as your trading partner. We are a legitimate entity and we prove that by complying with all the trading industry laws and standards. Here is some information that you need to know about our compliance and seriousness with this matter.

Compliance with Funds Security

If you are new to trading, you should know that when you deposit your funds in your trading account, the broker is supposed to keep your funds separate. The separation of funds means that the company is not supposed to mix your money with the money that it uses on a daily basis to fund the business. You will be glad to know that Investing X fully complies with this requirement and makes sure that all your funds move to separate account at banks that are regulated.

Compliance with Information Security

We make sure that your information stays safe when you provide us with it on our website. As soon as you enter any piece of information on the website, we encrypt it for your security. Here, it is important to know that we use only 256-bit encryption standards, which are considered some of the best in the industry. This is to ensure that your information is safe with us and will not be accessed by any parties that are not authorized to reach that information.

Compliance with Data Protection

We are taking all the possible measures we can to protect your information that is stored on our servers. We understand that online cyber crimes are increasing with times and the cybercriminals are becoming more and more advanced. That’s why we are using the latest technological protocols and methods to ensure our trading platform is safe from any cyber crimes.

Compliance with Account Protection

The account that you open on our website is for us to take care of. Even though we have encryption and other methods in place to protect your account details, we need you to know about them so you can give your suggestions too. We allow you to sign into your account only when you use 2FA authentication. In other words, we have two layers of protection before you can reach your account. Furthermore, we are always monitoring your trading account to make sure that no unusual activities in the account go unnoticed.

Compliance with KYC and AML

The most important policies are KYC and AML. These policies govern the information sharing between the trading platform and the trader. In addition to that, the AML policies govern the provision of correct banking details on the platform to ensure it is free from any money launderers.

You can always call us to know more about our compliance status.