Investing X

Cookies and Privacy

Investing X is always concerned with your privacy as a user of our website. In addition to that, we also have to care about your experience on our website. It is quite a challenge to find a perfect balance between the two things, but we are always doing our best to make you feel comfortable. We want you to be sure that we don’t sell out or share your information to anyone without your consent. Furthermore, we are fully aware of your privacy and its importance. As a result, we take all possible measures to ensure your privacy.

The Use of Cookies

Cookies are small files that a website place on your computer when you visit it. It is not unique to use. In fact, any website that you visit on the internet will place this file on your computer. This file is more like a tag that the website uses to recognize you any time you visit the website again. The purpose of placing this file on your computer is to customize your experience on the website based on your preferences. In addition to that, it is also to personalize your experience when you use our website or any of the features on it.

So, once you have visited our website, the cookie gets placed on your computer. After that, when you visit our website again, we will know that it is you who is visiting the website again.

The Privacy Issue

Many people think that a cookie on the computer is a privacy issue when it is clearly not. If you think about it, the concept will make sense to you. If you meet someone for the first time and you know you are going to meet them again and again, would it be wrong for you to ask their name? You want to ask their name to recognize them and address them when you meet them the next time. That’s the purpose of a cookie on your computer.

More importantly, you have to know that the cookie only collects general information from you, not any personal data. It does not collect your phone number, email address, banking details, etc. In fact, it is not even designed for that purpose. It is designed to collect the details of your IP address, your browser, your device, etc.

Allowing or Disallowing Cookies

You will be glad to know that you have it within your reach to allow or disallow cookies on your computer. If you don’t want to allow cookies, you can use incognito mode on your device. Or, you can disable cookies manually. However, once you do that, you have to know that we will not be able to recognize you the next time you visit our website. As a result, we will not be able to personalize and customize our website experience according your preferences.

It can be a nuisance for you if you look at the grand scheme of things. So, at the end, we’d recommend that you allow cookies on your computer and let us improve our services and website according to your preferences.