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Help Center

A help center is created for the help and assistance of traders who sign up with us and trade. When you are trading on a daily basis, you will run into a few problems that you need solutions for. You want to get to the solution as soon as possible so you don’t have to stop trading and miss opportunities. That’s where a help center comes in. At the moment, Investing X is building its help center to provide you with answers to all your possible questions about trading, your trading account, and any other related matters.

Why to Use a Help Center

When you sign up with us and start trading, we want to give you all the information about our trading platform and system. We want to be as detailed in our description and explanation of things as we can. However, as a trader who deals with many trades every day and uses the trading platform in a variety of ways, you will end up running into some issues that need instant resolution. That’s where the help center comes in. What we do is we take the most commonly asked questions from you, and add the answers to those questions to the help center.

Whether you call us from your phone line or send us an email, we have the record of the issue that you are having. Furthermore, when we suggest you a solution, we want that suggestion to be recorded as well. This helps us answer the same question quickly in the future when someone else has it. In other words, helping you with a particular question means we already have the solution to that problem every time is occurs in the future. This helps other traders trade smoothly and without having to wait in call queues to talk to one of our customer support representatives.

Investing X Help Center

Our help center is still in the infancy stages, but it is growing with the passage of time. We wish to create a complete and detailed help center to help you with all your concerns. Keep in mind that when you call us or send us emails, it is our employees who are noting down everything you have to say. They note down your issues and then add the issue and the solution to that issue to our database. We make that database visible to you to get answers to your questions. In other words, we are building a database of solutions based on your questions.

The benefit of our help center is that as it grows, it will become more and more helpful for traders in the future. When they have an issue, they will just log in to our help center and find out the answer to their questions. They will not have to call anyone or wait for their email to be responded to in 24 hours. The help center will provide them with a satisfactory answer/solution within minutes.

Click here to visit our help center.