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Initial Deposit Bonus

Your start with us as a trader must not be boring, and we put in our best efforts to make your start great from day one. Firstly, we have already given you a trading platform that’s going to take most of your trading-related worries away. If you are still apprehensive about anything, we are sure our initial deposit will make things exciting for you. This bonus is available to every trader who signs up on our trading platform for the first time. Which account you pick does not matter because everyone who joins the platform qualifies for this bonus. Here is some more information about it.

What’s the Initial Deposit Bonus?

You get this bonus as soon as you sign up with us and make your initial deposit. This is what makes our initial deposit bonus different from the welcome bonus. You qualify for this bonus only when you make the first deposit in your trading account. Once you do that, we credit your account with an amount, which is a percentage of the deposit that you make. In other words, the bigger the deposit you make initially, the bigger the bonus we will credit into your trading account.

The bonus is given to you for appreciation only. When you sign up with us, this is our way of wishing you luck with your trading journey. Only the traders who are signing up with us for the first time can get this bonus.

Terms and Conditions

Here are some terms and conditions associated with the initial deposit bonus.

When the initial deposit bonus is ongoing, you get it as soon as you make a deposit in your account. However, if you are having any issues with your initial deposit bonus, then give us a call straight away and we will be more than happy to help you out with that.