Investing X

Islamic Account

Investing X has taken upon the role of serving all trader types. We are always learning with our experience and incorporating things that make trading a great experience for our traders. From improving the technology that makes our trading platform run to creating trading accounts that suit different trader types, we like to do it all to give you what you deserve. Now, we already have 5 different account types suited for basic, advanced, and professional traders. However, we also have an additional account type, called the Islamic account.

Here are some details of this account.

Understanding the Islamic Account

This particular account type has been created for people from the Islamic faith. If you are a Muslim and you can’t trade with a regular account because it includes swapping and interests in any other forms, then you will definitely prefer our Islamic account. This account has been specifically created to serve your needs and provide you with a trading experience that you are comfortable with. There is no swapping in this account and no interest rates to bother you.

How to Sign up with the Islamic Account

The beauty of our Islamic account is that we are not making you do anything special. You can open this account just like you open any other account on our list of regular trading accounts. You don’t even have to pay any additional charges to us. In fact, you will be glad to know that our Islamic trading features are included in every account type. So, you can sign up with a basic trading account and then include the Islamic trading features to make things the way you want.

So, just like you do with other account types, you pick this account and then you make an initial deposit. You make the initial deposit based on the type of account you are going for on the list of regular accounts. If you are going with a basic Islamic trading account, you will have to deposit at least $250 in your account to start it.

The Features of the Islamic Trading Account

You might think that you will be given some extra set of limited features when you sign up with this type of account but that’s not the case at all. Every trader that signs up with us is equal for us. We give you all the features that are included in every other regular trading account. Again, you have to keep in mind that the Islamic trading features are included in every other regular trading account that we offer. In other words, you open a regular account and then pick Islamic trading features.

So, the features you get with the account depends on the account type you have picked from our list of regular trading accounts. You don’t pay more or you are not limited in terms of any features. You get to learn from the best traders, you can attend webinars, you access all the training material, and thin spreads and large leverages are available to you.

Click here to sign up with our Islamic trading account.