Investing X


Investing X cares about you and your legal rights when you use our website and trading services. We make sure we adhere to all the industry standards and policies, along with any legalities that are pertaining to the online financial industry. When you sign up with us, you can be sure that you are on a legitimate trading platform where you will be trading legitimately. With us, you don’t have to fear any scams or frauds. The security measures we have in place allow only legitimate traders to be able to sign up with us.

Anyone who is trying to access the system for any illegal means cannot sign up with us due to the implementation of KYC and AML policies. Here is how you can be sure that you are on a platform that is follows all that it is under by law.

Clear Terms and Privacy Policies

At Investing X, we are not playing any tricks with you. When you use our website for any purpose, you have to know that your use is governed by certain terms and conditions and privacy policies. You might have to disclose some of your personal information when you use our website and services, and we want to be clear about this fact. That’s why, you can see that we have clearly defined privacy policy and terms and conditions on the website. Your use of the website serves as your consent that you have read these terms and conditions, and privacy policies.

Proper Business Registration

In the online trading world, you can encounter companies and entities that are not meant to provide you with any trading services. They only defraud you and you have to have a way to know that you are signing up with the right people. Of course, the first thing you can check is whether the company is registered or not. When you sign up with Investing X, you can be sure that the platform is safe because we are a properly registered business. We provide you with our services through a business entity that’s registered.

You can even call us if you want to know the license number that allows us to provide you with trading services all around the world. So, you can always trade on our platform with peace of mind that you are on a legitimate and lawfully registered platform belonging to a proper company.

Legal Actions

If you find us in violation of any policies that we have stated on the website, you can contact us and let us know about it. You give your consent that whenever you have any issues regarding policies, your first course of action would be to get in touch with the company. If you want to hold us liable of anything, you will talk to us first and then we will seek a solution to the problem through arbitration. You will not take matters into the court unless you have met these requirements. If you don’t agree to these requirements, you are not agreeing to our terms and conditions.