Investing X

Leverages and Margins

Investing X has always done its best to give its traders the best trading conditions. We work with a lot of different factors to ensure that our trading platform gives you a sense of freedom and flexibility when you trade with us. The two most important components of the best trading conditions are leverages and margins. These two component scan impact your trading experience directly so we have to be very intelligent with how we fit them into the equation.


You get leverages on your trades to get help pulling off trades that are not possible with the funds you have in your trading account. So, if you want to go for a big trade because you want to increase your profit, you will have to use leverage. The thing is, if you don’t use leverage, you will have to deposit the required amount in your trading account. There is nothing wrong with that. If you don’t want to use leverage and deposit funds required for the trade, you can do that.

The leverages you get from us depend on the trading account you pick. The maximum leverage you can get from us on any asset is 1:100. This means we will contribute $100 to your trade when you invest only $1. For every single dollar, we are willing to put in $100 to amplify your profits. If things go your way and your predictions are right, you can make a huge gain from just one trade. However, we do want to remind you that leverages can work both ways. So, as a result you have to be extra careful with your leveraged trades.


When you trade with us, you will have to keep an eye on margin requirements. So, when you enter a trade and use leverage, you have to know that leverage can work in both directions. If you fail to make a correct prediction and end up losing that trade, you will have to bear the loss. However, what if you don’t have enough funds in your account to cover that loss? If this part of the trade is let loose, every trader will end up with losing trades wherein the loss is bigger than the funds they have in their trading accounts.

In a way, every trader with a losing trade might owe money to us at some point. To prevent that from happening, we have created the margin requirements. The margin on your trade is the amount of money that you have to have in your trading account before you go for a trade. If you lose the trade by making an incorrect prediction and end up with a loss, there will be enough money for you to cover that loss. To ensure that you have that amount to cover the loss, Investing X has margin requirements in place.

It gives us great pride to tell you that our leverages are big, whereas our margin requirements are some of the most flexible in the industry.