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Live Charts

You need a variety of tools as a trader regardless of the trading platform you are on. These tools give you insights into the financial markets, tell you about the probability of prices going up or down, and signal many other things that help you make your trading decisions. While there are hundreds of tools that you can use today, nothing comes close to the efficacy and user-friendliness of live charts. When you sign up with Investing X, you get all the live charts you need right on your platform. You can always place the most important ones right on your dashboard.

What Are Live Charts?

Live charts, as the name suggests, are charts that show you the movement of assets in the market in real time. These charts are moving in real time, which means you are getting updated on the price of the asset on almost immediate basis. The most important part is that you can look at the chart of every single asset separately. On our trading platform, you can have four different live charts on your screen at the same time. You must know that the live chart does not show you the entire market at the same time. You only look at the chart of one asset at a time.

So, you can click on USD on your trading platform, and instantly see a chart pop up on the screen. This chart is showing you the movement of USD in the market in real time. One of the best things about live charts is that you can decide a date range and watch the price movements within that period. In other words, you can find out where the asset was a few days, weeks, months, or even years ago.

Another important thing that a lot of new traders are not aware of is that these live charts are not limited to showing the price of the asset. In fact, you can measure some other metrics of trading too when you go with them. For example, if you want, you can switch the mode of our live charts and see the volume of trading rather than the price of the asset in a given period.

Why Use Live Charts

Of course, you use live charts to get a glimpse of the market at any given time. The moment you glance at the chart, you see the price of the asset. You also see whether the price is going up or down. Based on the range of the data you decide, you can also see what the pattern is i.e. has the price been going up lately or going down in the past few days. Live charts are meant to give you a quick look into the markets.

You will also love live charts for the fact that you get them for free. In addition to that, you can change modes on these charts to view volume of trading in addition to the price of the asset. At Investing X, our live charts are quick and reliable.