Investing X

Loyalty Program

Most of the bonuses and discount programs are usually designed for new traders. However, at Investing X, we never forget our existing traders. If you have been signed up with us for some time and are trading regularly, you can rest assured that we will reward you for your efforts and loyalty. In fact, we reward you in the best possible way, as our loyalty program does not have a cap. It continues to run and you keep earning the benefits for as long as you stay with us and keep trading. Here are some details about our loyalty program.

What Is Our Loyalty Program?

The loyalty program is designed to reward existing customers. You don’t get this bonus when you sign up or when you make your first deposit. To earn this bonus, you have to sign up with us and keep trading for at least a year before you can take advantage of this program. The program is designed to help you earn points with every trade you make. In other words, the more trades you enter the more points you earn. You can then convert all your points into credit, which you can then use for trading purposes.

There are different points associated with different types of trades. The points you earn depend on the type of asset you are trading, the size of the trade you entered, and how frequently you trade on our platform. The bigger the trade, the more points you will earn. Eventually, when you convert these points back into cash, you will have a huge fund credit to your online trading account.

Terms and Conditions

Here are some terms and conditions that govern the qualification and delivery of our loyalty program for our existing traders.

While our loyalty program is pretty straightforward, you can always call us to know more if you have any confusion.