Investing X

Privacy Policy

Investing X privacy policy protects all the information and essential details consumers share with them. Additionally, the company considers any other material/information relevant to the consumers’ privacy like the key information. Make sure to carefully read all the points mentioned in Investing X privacy policy so you know what to expect when dealing with the firm.

Investing X will refer to itself by its own name to help you understand the policy better. Besides, the company will use first-person pronouns, including we, our, us, etc.

Using different security protocol types holds great significance for us. Besides, Investing X wants to ensure to protect the sensitive data and information of consumers. When you register with Investing X, you must know what information and documents you need to provide us. The information is a pre-requisite so we can check your eligibility before you start your trading journey with us.

Moreover, you need to make a specific amount of deposit in your Investing X account that you choose when you sign up with us. Note you have to make this deposit before you start trading. You have the freedom to withdraw these funds from your account later when needed. You must provide us with particular documents and verification to carry out different transactions. These documents include but are not limited to bank account information, utility bills, and copy of your original identity card.

You should know that there is no need to give all these details to us at once. As a registered user, you have to share all required information with Investing X as you progress in your trading journey. You can access more services from the firm when needed. Moreover, you can share these documents and other details via different communication channels, such as text, webforms, emails, and others.

Investing X works in the best interest of consumers and ensures no third-party gets access to your confidential information shared with us without your permission. Further, Investing X has partnered with other third-party entities to make sure you get the best possible trading experience as a customer while enjoying many other benefits.

The firm will give you access to all the required information for your own advantage. You must know that the company has to share your document and/or information with concerned authorities in the case of legal issues so they can take the required action.

Note that while Investing X takes all possible measures to protect your information from hackers and scammers, there is no full guarantee your information will not be exposed online.

Your information may get exposed or leaked any time due to a hacking attempt. Cyber hackers may use the latest tools and tricks to invade and get past the security protocols set forth by Investing X. Rest assured, we will make sure to protect all your information. However, keep in mind that nvesting X will not be responsible for the consequences you face in the case of information leak.

If there is a change in any of the information you provide us (for any reason) such as your phone number or residential address, you must let us know on a prior basis. Do not expect the company to update your information or any specific details on a short notice. Investing X reserves the right to store and maintain part of your information in the firm’s database.

You can choose to accept or reject the cookies from your device according to your preference. But you should know that you won’t be able to enjoy the full-range of services Investing X provides in case you decline cookies. In addition, you need to keep in mind that cookies help to enhance and ensure a smooth experience on our website. You can use these cookies to personalize your website navigation experience without any hassle.

Associated Privacy Terms on Our Mobile App

You need to download our application on your preferred device if you want to enjoy its features. The privacy terms of Investing X app will take care of the way you manage it. Moreover, know that these privacy terms give the company the right to access information you have in your device.

We use the application find to collect data from the devices you have the app installed. Investing X analyzes this data to get information about the devices used by consumers to access our applications. Furthermore, with the help of this app, we identify potential problems that need to be fixed while running on your chosen device.

What’s more, you can uninstall the application from your device if you don’t want the app identifier.

Note that when you download our app, Investing X requests access to varying levels in your device.

The amount of data our app can access depends on the operating system of your device. You should know that you can limit the app’s accessibility on certain operating systems. However, if you want to enjoy the full-range of services offered by Investing X, we recommend you do not limit the accessibility of our app on your device. This way, our app will run on your device smoothly without any hassle.

You have the right to uninstall the app any time if you are not happy with the app’s performance.

Our app installed in your device gets activity logs that we use to enhance and improve your experience of using the app. Rest assured, Investing X does not collect any of your personal information including your identity. Hence, you can enjoy the features we offer with complete peace of mind.

So, if you want to use our app, make sure to first carefully read and agree with our privacy policy.

Investing X reserves the right to make changes to their private policy when needed. Hence, you can expect to see frequent updates, additions, and changes in the policy as the company deem fit. Most importantly, Investing X can make any changes or take these actions without prior notice.