Investing X


At Investing X, we are always working hard to come up with attractive and creative promotions to keep our traders happy and encouraged. Our promotions are meant to give you some motivation to keep trading. When you become a trader, it is our job to make your trading journey a great one. To do that, can offer you discounts, credits, cash backs, etc. in different ways to keep you interested. When you sign up with Investing X, you will be enjoying some of the following promotions.

Welcome Bonus

This is the amount that we credit to your account as soon as you sign up. Keep in mind that this promotion is not always available. When it is available, you will notice the funds in your account larger than the funds you have deposited. That’s because we have offered you a welcome bonus. This bonus can come and go with time. You can always call our customer support to know if you are not sure about the availability of this promotion. You can find out more information about this bonus on our WELCOME BONUS page.

Initial Deposit Bonus

This is yet another way we will make you happy as soon as you sign up on our trading platform. It is important to mention here that this particular promotion is available for first time signups only. So, when you sign up with us, we give you an amount in your account that you can use for trading. The amount you get in the account is a percentage of the amount that you deposit. The bigger your initial deposit, the more money you will get as a bonus. You can know more about this bonus on our INITIAL DEPOSIT BONUS page.

Referral Bonuses

These are the most exciting bonuses that we give you when you are willing to tell others about our services. When you tell someone about our service, and they sign up on our trading platform with your referral code, we give you an amount for that. Keep in mind that your referred person has to make a deposit for you to win the reward. The reward you get will depend on the amount they deposit at the time of signup. Again, you can get more information about our referral bonuses on our REFERRAL BONUS page.

Loyalty Program

This particular promotion has been designed specifically for our existing customers. If you have been trading with us for a long time, it does not mean you will not get any bonuses. In fact, we have found a perfect way to reward you. If you keep trading on our platform actively, we will reward you with loyalty points that you can use for a variety of purposes. Know more about this bonus on our LOYALTY PROGRAM page.

Affiliate Program

Do you have social media presence? Do you think you can promote our services to your followers and subscribers? If yes, you can make money off of this activity. The more people you help sign up with us, the more money you make. Get more details about this program on our AFFILIATE PROGRAM page.