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Stocks have been around for several decades and they remain among the most traded assets in the world. Another thing that makes them really popular among traders from all around the world is that there are many stocks. You are limited with your options when you trade Indices or forex, but the number of stocks available for trading is only increasing with time. They are also the most easily available assets in the world. When you sign up with Investing X, you have hundreds of stocks that you can trade on our platform.

However, the most important point to keep in mind is that we provide you with CFD trading. As a result, the assets we mention will be traded in the form of contracts. You will not trade the actual asset when you sign up with us.

Understanding Stock Trading

When it comes purely to stock trading, you are trading the shares that belong to some of the biggest companies of the world. Stocks are shares and they belong to companies that have gone public. These companies offer their shares to the public to make some money. When you buy these shares, the company gets a return in the form of every penny that you spend. The price that you pay for the stocks is then used by the company to fund its various operations.

Depending on the performance of the company, the prices or value of the stocks can go up or down. When the company performs well, the worth of its stocks goes up. On the other hand, the stocks that you own start losing value when the company is not performing well. When you perform fundamental analytics, you look at the performance of the company to predict the prices of the stocks. On the flip side, when you perform technical analysis, you look at the patterns in the price of the stocks to predict where the prices will go in the future.

Why Trade Stocks

Most traders love stocks because they have been around for many years. With other new assets, you might have a fear that they could disappear at any time when regulation becomes tighter. However, that’s not the case with stocks. For as long as the company is there, its stocks are there too. With stocks, you have plenty of options to choose from. You have hundreds and even thousands of stocks to choose from when you are in this financial market. The good news is that you can trade hundreds of stocks on our trading platform as well.

When you sign up with Investing X, you have stocks from companies like Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, Dell, HP, Apple, etc. available for trading along with hundreds of other stocks. Diversification is not even a problem when you are in this market. The best thing is that you trade these stocks in the form of CFDs with us, which means you never really own the stock or have to take this responsibility on your shoulders. Pick from hundreds of stocks to trade when you sign up with us by clicking here.