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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the terms and conditions page of Investing X!

To help you understand the policies clearly, the company will refer to itself by its name, i.e., Investing X, as the platform, the site, or by first-person pronouns, including we, us, and our. We will provide all information related to everything that our site offers to consumers in the terms and conditions listed below.

The wide range of services Investing X offers include but are not limited to desktop and mobile apps, trading platforms, various third-party services, and our official website.

Keep in mind that Investing X reserves all the rights to make any changes to these terms and conditions as we deem fit without any prior notice. So, if you want to avail the services offered by Investing X, you have to accept all terms and conditions laid out by the platform.

Also, note that you cannot disagree with these terms after accepting them if we introduce new terms and conditions.

Terms of Website’s Usage and Information Sharing

As a registered user if you are using our platform, it is your responsibility to understand and abide by all the laws concerning the use of our services. You should know that some zones do not allow trading certain assets. So, if you are located in one such area, Investing X recommends not using our services.

Keep in mind that Investing X will not be responsible if you face any legal issues for trading particular assets. Also, the company holds no liability if you access our site using a VPN to hide your location.

Access to Information

Investing X has the right to remove and/or block the content accessible in certain areas not included in our service coverage.

Professional Advice

All the information you find on Investing X website or any other entity linked with us is to assist you in your journey as a trader. So, you should use this information as professional advice for trading and investment purposes only.

Intellectual Copyrights

We find it important to inform you that Investing X owns copyright for all information you find on our website, including but not limited to text, audio, video, and other data channels. You do not have permission to use any information available on the site for any illegal activities. Moreover, you must follow all the policies concerning the use of our services and data.

Keep in mind you cannot use the information on the platform for commercial purposes or for any promotional campaign. Additionally, you must inform your users and give us credit if you use any content from our platform.

3rd Party Data on our Site

When you sign up with Investing X, you will find some apps and websites linked to the services we offer. We get these apps, websites, and other data from third-party entities. Rest assured, Investing X leverages this data and takes help from third-party associated to improve consumers’ trading experience on our site.

Note that Investing X takes no responsibility whatsoever for any information discrepancies provided by third-party affiliates. Moreover, it is recommended that you take full responsibility if you use data provided by these affiliates as the data can become obsolete due to constant updates and improvements.

Further, Investing X will not be liable if you get caught up in any financial trouble for using this information. It is your responsibility to verify the data before using it for any legitimate purpose.

3rd Party Links

We consider it important to inform you that Investing X may use the third-party links in our application to provide with different trading to ensure you enjoy a smooth trading experience. However, you will be responsible if you visit any of these links or use data from these sites.

Voiding Warranties

When you sign up with Investing X, you must fully understand that none of the services we provide come with any warranties as laid out in terms and conditions. Also, there is no legal agreement in any form whatsoever to any favorable results or damage avoidance in case you face any consequences. So, if you agree to Investing X terms, you also agree any warranty claim provided is invalid.

Liability of Investing X

As mentioned above, any information you find on the platform is just professional advice to help you and our partners. Investing X, therefore, will not be responsible for any consequences you face while using the various products and services available on the site. Also, you must agree to all these terms if you wish to continue your trading journey using our platform.


The firm is not liable for any repercussions you may face when using the services through our platform. Investing X terms and conditions clearly state that we hold no responsibility whatsoever if you get caught in legal trouble for misusing our services or violating any rules set forth by the platform. Thus, you must agree to all terms and conditions before using our services.

Data and Password Protection

It is okay if you forget your login details, including your email and password, due to any reason. We will provide you recovery services to access your account. But keep in mind Investing X will not take any responsibility if you use lose your password and someone else uses your account for trading activities. Moreover, the company will accept access to the right combination of user name and password no matter who is using it. So, if someone else has access to your trading account’s credentials, the platform is not responsible for that.

Understanding Risk

Once you agree to all terms and conditions laid out by the company, you also agree that you understand the risk that comes with trading using our platform. So, if you continue to use the services and features Investing X offers, the firm considers that you accept our terms and conditions.

End of Use

Investing X has a zero-tolerance policy in case of misuse of data. So, if we find you misusing the data through our platform, we will immediately block your access. Investing X also reserves the right to block your account if you are found guilty of using our services illegally or violating the rules as laid out in front of the users.

Most importantly, Investing X can block your trading account on a temporary or permanent basis if we think you are not eligible to use our services.