Investing X

Trader’s Guide

You won’t say that a trader’s guide is a tool per se. However, Investing X has designed this trader’s guide to help you get started with trading. We have this guide available to help traders stay abreast of the risks that they face while trading and be reminded of the basics that keep them trading in the right direction. For experienced traders, you can call it a refresher for all the things you already know but might forget at times due to the fast nature of the trading world. For new traders, it will serve as a great guide for you to start your trading career.

How to Pick a Trading Platform

The first thing is for you to pick the right trading platform, and we are here to provide you with just the platform you need. You want a platform that is portable, and ours is. You want something that offers you various trading tools, advanced charts and graphs, and ease of use. Our trading platform offers you all of that. This platform can run on your smartphones, tablets, and computers.

How to Pick the Assets

There are many factors that decide which assets you should be trading. Firstly, you have to define your requirements and tolerance level. Are you able to take big risks? If that’s the case, you can go with some volatile markets like cryptocurrencies and exotic currency pairs in the forex market. If you want to play safe in the beginning, you should go with indices, major currency pairs, and may be some precious metals from the commodities category.

How to Use Trading Tools

You never use trading tools as a guarantee that a trade will go a certain way. You only use these tools to help you make correct predictions. Or what you do is you perform your own analytics, and match the results from the tools with your outcomes. If they match, you have a high chance of profiting from your trade. Some of the trading tools you will get with us include price charts, trading volume charts, calculators, currency converters, trading signals, etc.

How to Manage Risks

Another important factor when you just start trading is to manage your risks. If you don’t manage your risks well, you will end up losing trades, and eventually, all the savings you have invested in trading. We give you the opportunity to trade using the hedging technique. In addition to that, when you sign up with us, you have the take-profit and stop-loss tools available for you. This helps you minimize your risks while you are trading on our trading platform.

How to Choose the Right Security

If the platform you are on is serious about your security, they will keep you safe from all directions. That’s what we do. We protect your information through the latest standards of encryption. In addition to that, we keep your funds in segregated accounts, which happen to be regulated. We monitor your account and notify you as soon as we notice some unusual activity. We also let you sign into your account using 2FA authentication.