Investing X

Trading Accounts

Before you sign up with us to trade, you will have to pick an account from the 5 options that we have designed for you. It is important to know here that having 5 different accounts means we want every trader to pick an account that fits their needs. An account that suits experienced traders will not be a great fit for those who are just starting. At the same time, if you are just starting account, the account that’s suitable for you will not be a great pick for someone experienced.

To make things easy for our traders, we have designed 5 account types with varying features. Here is what you should know before you pick an account.

Know Your Trading Style

You don’t have to be a first time trader if you want to pick something from the basic trading accounts. Sometimes, people have spent a few years trading, but they want to start with a basic trading only to keep their risk level low. In that case, it makes sense that you pick an account based on your trading style. You don’t want to pick the first account on the list because that’s suitable for those who are just starting out. These traders don’t know much about trading and have to spend a good amount of time before they can trade and make profits.

So, if you want to take bigger leaps in terms of profits, you would want bigger leverages as well. They are only available when you pick an advanced trading account.

Know How Much Education You Need

You can pick an account based on your need for education as well. If you want to learn from the basics, you should start with a basic trading account. If you don’t need any education and you think what you know is enough for you to pull off successful trades, you can go with something more advanced.

Know Your Budget

The trading accounts Investing X offers its traders are separated on the basis of initial deposit requirements as well. With the basic trading account, you just have to deposit $250 in your account to start it. However, you will require bigger deposits to start an advanced or professional trading account. If you are on a budget regardless of your experience of trading, we recommend that you go with the basic or semi-advanced trading account from our list.

Know the Tools You Want to Use

We have peppered in some tools for our traders based on the account type they pick. We know these tools and their difficulty level. So, some tools are not available to basic traders because of how advanced they are. They are not a help but rather a distraction for someone who is just starting out. Now, based on that, you can pick an account which you think has the trading tools you can use. If you want something basic, just pick something basic.

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