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Trading Platforms

Before you begin your trading career, you have to have a good understanding of the trading platform you are going to use. Even before that, you have to realize that your entire trading career and experience depends on the type of platform you get to use. From trading conditions to the trading tools that you use while trading, everything is there on your trading platform. How good or bad those components are is decided by the type of platform you are using.

At Investing X, we have offered you one of the most powerful online trading platforms that lets you trade in hundreds of assets and offers you real-time updates from the market. Let us tell you a few things about picking the right platform and then we will dive into the details of our web-based trading platform and why it is best for you.

Picking the Right Trading Platform

There are certain factors to keep in mind in order for you to pick the right one. There is no rocket science in this process and with some knowledge, you should be able to make a well-informed decision. So, let’s go ahead and discuss those important components that make a great trading platform.

Ease of Use

When we use the term ease of use, it could mean multiple things. Firstly, ease of use means that the trading platform should fit your modern lifestyle seamlessly. So, when you talk about ease of use, the first thing to consider is the portability of the platform. Can you use it on the go? Can you use it outside your bedroom? Of course, a modern trading platform should have these features. You should be able to use it at a time you want. You should either be able to carry the platform with you on your mobile device or there has to be some other better solution to this challenge.

Secondly, the platform should be easy for you to understand. It is important that you start trading as soon as you open your trading account and learn the basics of trading. If you have to spend several days on just learning the platform and how it works, then you can be sure that you are not on the best one.

Integration with Trading Tools

You can’t really get any value out of a trading platform if it does not have a lot of trading tools integrated on it. If a company tells you that you have to pay extra for the tools, you should quit the idea of signing up with them. Most of the trading tools that you need are there available to you on the platform by default. Of course, you have to be on the right platform to experience that level of generosity. On some trading softwares, you keep paying for everything. However, you won’t have to do that when you sign up with Investing X.

The basic trading tool that you need on your platform as soon as you land on it is the price chart. You should have the price chart of every asset available right on the dashboard. In addition to that, you should be able to toggle between a price or trading volume chart. Furthermore, you should have some basic calculators on the platform that help you convert various currencies and their values.

Fast and Reliable

If a trading platform is fast, then the chances are that it will be reliable too. The reliability of an online trading platform depends on how much delay there is in showing the prices of the assets on the charts. At the same time, any delays in executing your orders can also cause you financial damage. So, you need a trading platform that instantly works when you press a command. If you are looking at price charts, you should be content at heart that you are looking at the latest prices, not the prices from several minutes or hours ago.

Furthermore, when you enter a trade, the platform should execute your trade instantly rather than delaying it because that might cause you to trade the asset at a price that you don’t want. The best trading platforms give you all the information in real-time and are very fast in executing your orders.

The Web Based Trading Platform from Investing X

So, why have we gone with a web-based trading platform? If you notice, you will find out that all the things that we have mentioned above are perfectly covered by a trading platform that is on the web. Let’s take a look at those things one by one.

Portability and Compatibility

Our web based trading platform will run on your iPhones, Android phones, Windows computers, Windows computers, MACs, and many other devices. As a result, you will never have any compatibility concerns with this platform. Secondly, you can carry this platform with you because you just open it on the web. You don’t even have to download the software on your device.

Lightning Fast Speeds

If you don’t want any delays in your orders, you want a platform like ours. It executes your orders within a fraction of a second without any re-quotes. In addition to that, all the price charts you see on your dashboard are being updated in real time. You are looking at fresh information from the market so you can trust everything you get from our trading platform.

Integrated with Tools

Most of the trading tools that you will need as a trader are already there on our platform. You have some really advanced price and volume charts that you can switch between to see different types of data. In addition to that, you will see the basic calculator and analyses on the platform. It is a powerful trading platform that does not require you to update it at any time. We take care of the platform and keep improving it to make your trading life easier.

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