Investing X

Welcome Bonus

One of the most exciting bonuses that we offer our traders is the welcome bonus. This particular bonus is designed for those who are joining our trading platform for the first time. This is our way of welcoming new traders when they pick our trading platform to begin their trading career. At Investing X, we want to make this journey auspicious for them right from the start. We believe welcoming every new trader with a bonus is the best way to make them happy and give them confidence that they have signed up with the right team.

Understanding Welcome Bonus

Our welcome bonus is given to you when you join our trading platform for the first time. As soon as you start a paid trading account, you get the welcome bonus. The bonus comes to you in the form of a deposit in your trading account. This deposit is made into your account from our side to help you start big right from the start. The amount you get as a bonus can be different at different times. It could be something as small as only $25 or something as big as $500 depending on the ongoing welcome bonus promotion for our traders.

We want to give you the perfect start into the trading world and that’s why our welcome bonus is available to you usually before you even make the first deposit. You have to differentiate between a welcome bonus and an initial deposit bonus. You qualify for the latter only when you make a deposit in your trading account.

Terms and Conditions

There are certain conditions associated with the welcome bonus which you have to keep in mind when signing up.

You should be glad to know that we have our welcome bonus for all of our traders. Whether you are signing up with our basic trading account or the most advanced trading account, you automatically qualify to receive the bonus when you join the platform for the first time. If you have any concerns, issues, or problems regarding our welcome bonus, feel free to give us a call.