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What Is CFD Trading?

The popularity of CFD trading has been increasing for last 10 years and it is still on the rise. More and more traders from every part of the world want to trade now. In the world of online trading, they have many other routes, but they pick CFD trading because of its ease, convenience, profitability. Do keep in mind that despite this method of trading being considered profitable and convenient, it offers you the same level of risk if losing your investments as any other method out there.

Now, if you are on the fence about joining a trading platform for CFD trading, here are some reasons you should pick us.

500+ Assets to Pick From

One of the things that traders love about trading CFDs is that they can invest in just about any market of their choice. Whether you want to trade forex currency pairs, stocks of the best companies, indices, or cryptocurrencies, you can trade them all when you join the CFD trading trend. What makes this method even better is that you can trade all of these assets in the form of CFDs from the same trading platform. Now the only question that you should ask is how many assets can you trade within these financial markets?

When you join our trading platform, you can pick from 500+ tradable assets from six major asset classes. You have hundreds of stocks in the stock category and dozens of entries in the indices asset classes. In addition to that, you can trade more than 50 different currency pairs. You can also trade a long list of commodities and 80+ cryptocurrencies with Investing X.

Tight Spreads and Big Leverages

Another thing that makes us stand out for our traders is how flexible we make trading for them. First of all, our spreads are some of the tightest in the industry, allowing you to keep your profits to yourself and only paying a small amount to us. Secondly, our leverages can go as high as 1:100 on certain assets. However, we encourage you to look at our trading platform to know how much leverage you will get on each asset.

Professional Help When Needed

CFD trading is popular but it involves all the financial markets and hundreds of assets. It is, therefore, recommendable that you go with a trading platform that can teach you the nuances of trading like this. That’s when you meet our expert-level training material. We help you in a variety of ways so you can become a professional trader.

We give you all the training you need in the form of eBooks, videos, webinars, and private training sessions. In addition to that, we have also included an account manager with every trading account. This professional is there to make sure you are going in the right direction with your trades.

Investing X really cares about you as a trader and furnishes all the important tools and professional help to make trading profitable for you. Sign up now with a trading account and start trading.