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What Is Cryptocurrency Trading?

If there is one thing that has really made new traders go for trading online, you have to agree it is cryptocurrency trading. A lot of people were on the fence about online trading in the past because they had no interest in trading with the same conventional assets. Cryptocurrencies have come as a breath of fresh air for many. People want to trade digital coins only to become a part of this growing and emerging market. They think they can become a part of the future by investing their funds in cryptocurrencies. What better way to do that than to trade cryptocurrencies online?

Here is why you should trade crypto with us.

Lots of Big and New Crypto Assets

We don’t believe in limits and boundaries when it comes to facilitating our traders. We want to give you the best crypto trading experience. To achieve that, we have created a trading platform where you can trade all the big, small, and emerging crypto assets. You can see yourself that it does not make sense to be trading only Bitcoin and Ethereum anymore. You have more than 10,000 different crypto assets in the world right now and to stick to only the two big ones is like staying only at the shore and not exploring the sea.

We pick the most reliable and established cryptocurrency from the market and add them to our list of crypto assets that you can trade. For that reason, you can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, EOS, Bitcoin Cash, etc. when you sign up with us.

Leveraged Crypto Trading

One of the issues you will face while trading cryptocurrencies is the lack of leverage. Cryptocurrencies can be very volatile and they are pretty big in terms of value as well. Take the example of Bitcoin, which thousands of dollars for only 1BTC. With those factors in mind, most online trading platforms are not able to offer you any leverages on cryptos. However, things will be different when you sign up with us. Despite this market being very new and volatile, we offer you leverages of up to 1:5 on your cryptocurrency trades.

These leverages might change from asset to asset. You are encouraged to look at the trading platform and live stats to know the leverages you can avail on each crypto asset.

Crypto Trading Focused Education

Since our trading platform features crypto trading, we have made sure to train you on it too. Our training materials have lots of videos and eBooks that are focused on cryptocurrency trading. Rather than getting a generic view of trading or trying to make guesses in crypto trading after only learning forex or stock trading, it makes more sense that you learn the art exclusively and only then invest your money in it. So, if you want to know what cryptocurrencies are and which strategies work the best in this financial market, sign up with a basic trading account and take advantage of our crypto-focused training materials.