Investing X

What Is Forex Trading?

Investing X provides you with a robust online trading platform for all your forex trading needs. With so many trading platforms out there, picking one can be difficult but our team has designed a trading system that suits most traders by addressing their unique needs. Here are some reasons for considering trading forex with Investing X.

Large List of Currency Pairs

We like to give our traders the autonomy they are looking for when they start their trading careers. If you are interested in trading currency pairs, we will give you enough options to diversify your portfolio the way you want and to the extent you prefer. On our trading platform, you are not limited to the major currency pairs, such as USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, and AUD. With us, you can trade many other minor currency pairs as well. Furthermore, we have introduced some exotic currency pairs that are volatile but fun to trade because they give you the opportunity to make huge gains.

Trade from Anywhere You Like

When you trade forex currency pairs with us, you will be able to do that from anywhere you want. Our trading platform has been designed with modern traders in mind and keeping in view their need for portability of their digital tools. Whether you are traveling to a different country or just willing to trade during the lunch break at your office, you can trade the way you want on our web-based trading platform. This platform requires no downloads and can run on just about any device or operating system that is in use today.

Leveraged Forex Trading

You will be glad to know that we can offer you leveraged forex trading. The leverage you receive on your forex currency pair trades depends on the account that you have chosen. With the basic trading account, you will get minimum leverages, but even they are enough to amplify your trading profits significantly. The best you can get in terms of leverage on your trades is 1:100. With such huge leverages, we have given you the opportunity to take big mistakes and make big differences as a trader.

Forex Trading Education

This is the most important point for anyone who is just starting out as a trader. You have just made up your mind that you want to trade and make financial gains, but you have no knowledge of forex trading yet. Worry not because Investing X has the right tools and materials to help you with your education. We give you video-based tutorials that can explain to you even the most difficult trading concepts within minutes. We also provide you with eBooks that are written by the best trading experts who can explain the trading secrets like no other.

In addition to that, we give you webinars and one-on-one training sessions to polish you trading skills. You can always start with a demo account to get a feel of how you will be trading and what the trading platform looks like.